Griz Mini Crossbody Bag

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Griz | Mini Crossbody Bag

Ahh I'm a sucker for a cute crossbody! My original intent for this bag was to be a crossbody for a kiddo...and then it dwarfed into me loving it so much that I made the strap long enough for a gal! ;) This bag is crafted out of premium oil-tanned chap hide with a matching strap made from the same hide; the strap features old-fashioned leather button, commonly found on cowboy chaps... used more-so as a primitive way where buttons would be used! Adorned on the front is a hand-sewn grizzly bear, too!


I'm still stickin' to my guns on believing that this would make the cutest child's/tween bag...but also the perfect going out bag if you're looking to just take the essentials!


Measurements **please read carefully; this bag is small**

Hang length in total: 28.5"

Bag Body: 6.5" x 85"

Useable Bag Body Space: 4.5" x 8.5"