DANE | Undyed Concho Earrings

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DANE | Undyed Concho Earrings

Calling all of my gals who are caught in a love affair between simplicity and fun, jazzy vibes! Girl, I HEAR YOU! I'm the same way... and the DANE Earrings are just what you need! Each pair are uniquely crafted from 100% undyed vegetable-tanned leather, both the conchos and strings alike. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Natural, undyed (hasn't been treated with top coats or sealants!) veg tanned leather in its raw state accepts oils, sunlight and environmental elements, which darkens over time... each adventure you go on will be shown on these bad boys! If you'd like to speed up the process of darkening, olive oil is an amazing darkening agent... but I recommend just wearing the heck outta' them!


-Measures approx. 5"

-Nickel-free posts

-American-tanned leather

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