PRESLEY | Reclaimed Journal/Book Cover

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PRESLEY | Reclaimed Journal/Book Cover

The perfect journal/book cover is finally HERE! The PRESLEY was born out of two things: my longing desire to create "eclectic" *read funky as HECK* goods and practical goods that can go on adventures! I always have journals and books on me and they always get trashed by the rain, dirt, dust... the whole enchilada! BUT! Not anymore! 

Crafted out of second-run chap hide from Law Tannery, an American-tannery, the PRESLEY features scallops and hand-stitching done by sis herself! Secure your journal or book with a stitched-in chap hide tie! 

-Comes with journal!

-Can fit journal/book approx. 5.5" x 8" x .75" thick 

-Chap hide leather from Wisconsin


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