The Flying Spade Story

Hi all!

Before I jump in, I wanted to first give thanks and grace to all of you that have taken the time to stop by and browse the shop! Whether you're just skimming or have bought a product, I am so appreciative of your business. You keep the home fires burning and my heart full! 

All right all right (like Matthew Mcconaughey!), lets jump into story time!

First and foremost, my name is Maysen Jean, like the jar, but spelled "the girly way", so my parents say! I grew up on the outskirts of the Portland Metropolitan region in a tiny town with a farm truck problem. As a kid, I had a strong passion for crafting, whether it was sewing dog toys on my old Kenmore or building myself a desk; I just loved the idea of creating something tangible for either my use or others. I've always been an eclectic old soul; always yearning for the simpler aspects of life. We joke that I was born 100 years too late, because well, I have yet to meet young adults that love antique shopping, staying home all weekend and long conversations about cattle and corn (insert laughing emoji!)

When I was 18 years old, I had a strong desire to fly the coop and move to Central Oregon. We grew up going to the lake in the Summer, and the slower pace always interested me. When I was out in the desert, among scattered silos and cow herds, I felt content; that life is pretty dang simple out in those neck of the woods. In my first year living in the desert, it was no surprise that I needed to branch out and explore. After immersing myself in the western lifestyle that heavily influences Central Oregon, I stumbled upon leatherwork. To me, it was so interesting that you could take a raw material, like leather, and build anything from a bag to a saddle. That Winter, I bought a starter kit from Tandy Leather, and the rest was history!

My leatherwork heavily focuses on the notion of bringing life back to old, worn, weathered and leathered items. I adore working with old horse tack, chaps, etc. in addition to hides that have been deemed "not worthy" due to large brand marks (cow tattoos!), range marks or general discoloration... aka the things that make a hide unique and LIVELY! Basically, I don't have any "set" swatches or colors for my products, and I'm beyond okay with that- I love the process of creating a unique product that encompassed a resource that contained a story once before me! My work is heavily influenced from my surroundings, and my desire to best represent my admiration and passion for slow, rural living. I am so grateful to live among those who are the backbone of America, with their ever-so hard work in making sure that we are fed every. single. day! God bless our Ag community, baby!