MAREN | Reclaimed Journal/Book Cover

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MAREN | Reclaimed Journal/Book Cover

The perfect journal/book cover is finally HERE! The MAREN was born out of two things: my longing desire to create "eclectic" *read funky as HECK* goods and practical goods that can go on adventures! I always have journals and books on me and they always get trashed by the rain, dirt, dust... the whole enchilada! BUT! Not anymore! 

Crafted out of reclaimed chap hide (the rough-out goodness on the flap!) and a branded piece of American-tanned leather, the MAREN features scallops and hand-stitching done by sis herself! Secure your journal or book with a stitched-in chap hide tie! 

-Comes with journal!

-Can fit journal/book approx. 5.5" x 8" x .75" thick 

-Chap hide from Redmond, Oregon cowboy 

-Brand on backside


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