Old-Fashioned All-Purpose Cleaner (Only Two Ingredients!)

Old-Fashioned All-Purpose Cleaner (Only Two Ingredients!)

As I get older, my yearning to live a more simple, rooted life has become much more prevalent. Not quite pioneer-woman on the prairie in a sod house...but close lol! Life is such a rat-race of buying, spending and really-just flyin' through it without taking time to actually lean into whatever in the world you're doing in that moment.

Maybe it's because I'm old-fashion (and probably sound it based on that last sentence!), maybe it's because I was raised by people who didn't come from households who could freely spend a whole bunch or maybe its just a combination of all sorts of things...but I'm hellbent in trying to reclaim a lit bit of that old-fashion, if-it-ain't-broken-don't-fix-it, waste not, want not mentality that society has let go of. Instead of buying a new shirt, maybe just sew the button back on the one that you quit wearing; make your dinner and make your dishwashing soap while you're at it!

…which leads up to this blog post of me raving about a two-ingredient all-purpose cleaner that you can whip up today and eliminate adding Clorox wipes to your next grocery haul in the same hand!

I stumbled across this two-ingredient all-purpose cleaner recipe a while ago and it's been one of my favorite swaps to date. I feel like a real homesteadin', prairie gal when I whip out my amber glass spray bottle that holds the juice of fermented oranges and vinegar in it LOL! But in all seriousness, it's a great alternative for all-purpose cleaning wipes when you're wiping down the kitchen, bathroom, etc. 

Let me know if you try it out!

What You'll Need:

- Canning jar (bigger the better!)

-Orange peels

-White Vinegar to cover


  1. Stuff the orange peels into the canning jar and fill the jar with white vinegar until full. 
  2. Screw on the lid and place jar in a dark place for two weeks to allow for fermentation. 
  3. After two weeks, take your jar out and strain out the orange peels. Using a 1:1 ratio, pour the liquid mixture and equals amounts of water into a spray bottle. **Refrain from using on granite surfaces as it's been said to have an ill-effect!**