To Define is to Limit | Insta Tidbit

To define is to limit; it's easier to belong to one thing and know your place rather than to split my heart in every direction...

I get it; i'll be straight, as much as people say that they don't like being put into a box, it's much easier to say that you're "this or that", because it's to the point; it announces our belonging; on the flip side though, we don't like titles... yet we kinda feel like our lives and likes and dislikes have to be perfectly cohesive and easily identifiable and attributed to one damn thing.

I'm speaking to myself and from my experience, but there's a bigger community in being everything you like, regardless if it rhymes or jives, rather than selling yourself out for the sake of not wanting to trip people up with the questioning who you are; we're so used to grouping people that we forget that none, and I mean none, of us are even slightly composed of the same stuff; often imitated, never equaled.

You can claim to live a lifestyle and it'll still look completely different than someone else's perspective of it; so who the fuck cares, you know? Wear those spurs and the shredded Quiet Riot tank top with a ballcap and do yoga at sunset and say "fuck ya" and go to church and belong to every damn thing that resonates with ya.

Life's short, fly your soul flag high.