Sis, We're All Just Jonesin' | Insta Tidbit

I think it's easy to get wrapped up in constant idealized reaching; reaching for more fulfillment... or maybe notions that if you reach or achieve something, maybe you'll be worthy or get the friends or get the guy or just live a life that, when you look around, is how it "should" feel like; that success and contentment is outwardly achieved. Gosh, to anyone who makes their living on social media, keep that up, because I know that it's really darn tough and cutthroat and you bust your butt! Total respect!! But for the rest of us, life isn't that; it's not new cars or a closet full of clothes or trips or gold mirrors that match the gold spindles on the staircase; it's just typical life.

Life is mundane and I mean that with the least bit negativity. We're just Jonesin' with our day to day. It's full time 9-5 jobs and shit we've worn for a few years and a car that probably isn't ideal but it starts and a house with less-than-ideal decor that certainly clashes with your Pinterest board.
I think it's really easy to peer into this app and assume the "norm" or how life should be is what's showcased; that happiness or whatever is achieved via money or likes or whatever bullshit we now gage success on. Guys, just bloom where you're planted and idolize your own dang life; it's all a mindset that life is pretty grand with whatever you have, whether that's dirty dishes and screaming kids or the ability to escape on vacation somewhere. You can be unhappy in either scenario, or vice versa. Not one is better than the other. Relish in what you have and those that you have; that's when life starts getting really damn good.
I'm not saying don't reach for success or have goals; but just know that the biggest factor in success is your mindset; you can be inwardly successful and have nothing outwardly or on flip side, too. You guys know what I mean lol. Who cares what your life looks like on the outside; it's your soul that's the one to please✨💛