• Rattlesnake Years

    Rattlesnake Years
    our rattlesnake years; i have friends who are married; single; overseas waiting to come home; just signed on the dotted line for five more years; breaking ground on their first house; still at home with mom and dad; no kids; a lot of kids; same job since they were 18; a resume with 45 different job positions; those who work for others; others who work for themselves; some moved away; some stayed home; some stayed home and yearn they didn't; others moved away and yearn for familiarity; people who grew up and grew out of their old self; and those who're just trying to find who they are.
    When I write, I feel like I'm trying to talk sense into myself; your twenties are a culmination of a lot of shit.. a melting pot of so many versions of yourself. Our rattlesnake years; shedding so many varying layers of ourselves. But it's also the time where we have so much that's evolving, yet we compare; Compare and hold ourselves to the same mark as others journey, although they're completely non-linear and not even worth the comparison.
    Enjoy where you are; don't look at the large majority and assume that success is defined as that; don't conform for the sake of wanting to feel like your life makes sense in the big picture; define your own shit.