You Don't Have the Upper Hand | Insta Tidbit

We tend to break our own dang hearts when trying to make sense of the meaning behind every event in our life; we overthink, revisit every action, works spoken, emotions felt; all to rewrite it in a different way in hopes of finding out the WHY.

By nature, I'm someone who has to have a sliver of control in any given situation... whatever happens, it has to have rational behind it; and if I have ahold of the situation, then I have a hand in how it plays out; and what a heartbreak of a vice to have in the harsh reality of life; something that, I've come to learn, never announces it's new beginnings nor declares its exits; experiences move swiftly from one thing to the next, often times without a reasoning as to why.. Y'all, this is me. And maybe this is you, too.

As years continue to tick by and I slowly add more life to my lesson books, I've began to praise the idea that God only knows and that's enough reasoning.

Bar none;

Let go and let God; because however something is going to play out.. will play out exactly how it's going to, whether I'm a fool enough to think that I have the stronghold or that God has me in his grip, with my best interest at the forefront always; and that's something I'm forever indebted to and undeserving of. To all of my gals and guys who, like me, have to know the WHY to find peace, John 13:7 baby; "You don't understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.

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