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Y'all ever realize how much it costs us by being jealous, angry, prideful, greedy? I'm just going to call it out, it's expensive to be sinful and truth be told, we aren't all millionaires to have that kind of running tab!😉

We sin every day; but sometimes, we get a little out of hand; maybe it's a bad day, weak moment, etc. I'm very-much someone who takes the anger or frustration felt and isn't easily able to shake it; sometimes I'd rather dwell in the "i'm the hurricane and you're the trailer park" motto more than I'd like to admit. I remain in this negative mindset way WAY longer than I need to be, I mull it over way more than it needs to and costs me too much.

For me, all of this stems from scenarios where I KNOW what the proper actions should look like (aka break the barrier and let it roll off my back) in order to not go down the rabbit hole of sin, but I do it anyways. Y'all ever just do stuff anyways, because you think that being mad or acting in your selfish desires might just work out better? Or maybe you feel as though you're so deep, that there's no way of backing out? Y'all ever get in an argument and you KNOW you're wrong, but pride steps in and makes you feel like you have to keep going?
Ok, so say we bought, say, anger; what did that cost us? Well, a lot of things, that we probably wouldn't WANT to freely give up; happiness, peace of mind, faith, open eyes, healthy relationships. In that though, what is anger going to give us that, in turn, we can go and use it usefully? Probably not a whole hell of a lot. Gods desires for us look more like love, grace, faith, harmony, the whole enchilada... the opposing actions, though? He's not a fan of; and when we let sin take that stronghold on us, we're saying "Hey, I'm going to be selfish for myself, I CAN satisfy my own needs.. and I know what's best."
I'm not a millionaire, I'm a leather maker, I can't afford these prices! Do I really want to go in debt for things that God deems having no relevant value in our life? No way! We sin everyday in varying lengths; we're all imperfect, but Gods grace and promises are what saves us. every. single. time. Lean to God, by his wounds we're healed and saved.


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