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Happy Monday, beauties! I wanted to share a little verse that always keeps me going, especially on Mondays when either a.) we feel overwhelmed with work or b.) we let the idea of it being Monday overwhelm our day. In this season of life, I've found so much vibrance and inspiration in Colossians 3:23; "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human master." Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed... hello! Every single on of us! Especially being in a creative role, it can feel tempting to cut corners, work in an automated mindset, etc. Maybe that's fueled by reaching a status, a certain number of followers, income, etc. I've always heard that whatever you're afraid to write, write that; so here it goes;
I've noticed that those actions tend to be stemmed from the prideful idea of necessity and need; that
sometimes, we take advantage of the need and demand and leave our heart out of whatever it is that we're working on, because the creative process has turned into a well-oiled machine. "Oh I can make this blind-folded"; yea, but did you put your heart into it, or was that blindfolded, too?😆
Whenever I feel exhausted or worn out, I always remind myself that it's truly such a blessing that I'm even ABLE to live out this sliver of a dream; i'm forever indebted to that notion til' the day I die. Sure, it doesn't erase the crappy days, but it sure reshapes my mind back into the "hype girl" mindset of holy crap, the fact that people so graciously support me is such a privilege that isn't taken lightly. It sounds real dang cheesy, but I always have it in my head that, whatever I'm making, it could be the last... so make it as if God bought it. Be enthusiastic and put your heart into it, don't half ass it, girl; and as one of the guys said it best at a branding, "... you work for the Big Man, you ride for the brand."

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