Rest in Stillness | Insta Tidbit

Y'all, it's kinda late and I just got off the phone with my mama, but dang it was probably the best impromptu bible study; mom's just have that secret sauce, don't they?! I just want to share something that was on my heart, and that's Exodus 14:4; the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.
Just revel in that goodness.. so so noteworthy, especially to all of my gals and guys who tend to overthink, plan a few steps ahead, make sudden rash judgements that aren't great, and deep down, y'all know it! Because, *hold on while I step up to the batting box*, hello, that's me. Whatever you have, whatever you feel flustered with... just give it to God and let it be.

Revel in the stillness of not always trying to act in your best interest. Sometimes, I feel as though if I don't feel His presence in a situation where I need a direction, I get brash and start dictating this or that; and while it's good to get the ball rolling, sometimes you just have to be still in His presence... He's always at work. Always. Whether we feel his presence or not, our own understanding shouldn't be based on feeling; it should be based on His integrity. Sistas and brothas, place it on God before you give your emotions to it.

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