Relish in the Firsts | Insta Tidbits

"I'm just an underdog, though!" When God put desires and dreams on your heart, he didn't do so with the inclination to embed the underdog mindset into you; sometimes it's easy to think that, though, right? Why did He put these dreams on my heart if the odds are stacked? That they seem far-fetched? Are my dreams out of my league? I find it no coincdience that God places strong convictions on us, leaving us to really expose the qualities that aren't healthy in achieving them; out selfishness, wandering when the going gets tough. We look inwardly as a victim and justify these traits for the fear of letting God do BIG things; we all have shortcoming, but we have the choice to be bold in the name of His word and plan, or step off of the path, because it doesn't seem attainable. If He puts it on your heart, you chase it with everything you have, sister! Surrender to your pride and understanding; and surrender to HIS PLAN.
I will never forget my first day working at my first "big girl job" at the leather shop in Portland. For those that don't know, I did not come from an inkling of an agriculture background at all... I knew NOTHING about leather, nor could I draw from experience that many "western-raised" have; i had second thoughts on turning in the application, that's how much doubt I had in the name of letting myself fail for the future good that comes with faith and persistence! On my first day, I showed up as the girl who knew nothing, but I wanted to learn. I knew I'd fail. I KNEW it; was I confident? In my failure, yes! But I had faith that every new "thing" comes with hardships!
My very first phone call that I ever took was from the buyer of Hamley & Co; baptism by fire, sister! I recall vividly getting off the phone and feeling like a complete idiot; a blevins buckle?? What's that?!😆 But I knew that it's instances like this that expose our limiting qualities; because well, you're knocked down and uncomfortable. Girl, have FAITH and TRUST; He will ALWAYS be with you; remember that confidence thing I mentioned earlier? When we trust in His promises, we will have the confidence to overcome anything. Stay the course sister, you're doing big things!💛

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