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We talk about giving grace to any and everyone, but half the time we forget that we're allowed to accept the grace given by Him, too. Whether it's your first chapter in a new direction, a tough chapter or a chapter that you wish you'd quit revisiting (bad habits, old relationships), please please know that through His grace, you're allowed to say "I'm weak as hell, I can't navigate this alone, I'm leaning on you, God." What we lack in our flesh, He's more than able; more than able to work through you, accomplish with you, walk alongside you in challenging times.
Y'all, I don't know about you, but I can be prideful sometimes. I can be slow to surrender when I know I'm weak, for the sake that if I keep on, surely something good will come from it. Welp, wrong.

It's like working late, exhausted, screwing half of the products up and thinking that if you keep going, it's going to get better. Sis, SURRENDER. You're weak. Say it loud and proud. Y'all, when you're weak and acknowledge it, that's when His best work is done; that's when His goodness shines bright. I suppose in this analogy, recognizing "hey, i'm tired, lets call it a'quits for the night and sleep" is the same; God wants to help y'all, He wants you to do good, but it takes two to tango... and it first starts with accepting that it's ok to be weak, because someone upstairs is strong in tenfold, bar none. Where our efforts end in surrender, His efforts become more crystal clear. Stay the course, maybe get some sleep (😉) and thank God that through His grace, we're sufficient.




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