God Cannot Steward a Parked Car | Insta Tidbit

Listen, I'm not some super seasoned business gal or anything of that sort; but, I will say to anyone who is struggling to feel called or heck, the feeling of "i'm ready"; maybe we're waiting on the permission that it's "OK" to act on our ventures; just know that God certainly can't guide the path of a parked car. I was once the girl that waited and waited; "maybe if I wait, i will have clarity in whatever it is that I want to peruse." PUT YOURSELF IN MOTION.


Regardless if you feel ready or sure of yourself. If it's not the right path, believe me, God will make it known with road blocks and detours; but, he can't if you never get in the car and start driving. Drive a million different ways, take all of the toll roads and country roads; because along the way, he'll steward you to your path. If you're genuinely seeking, always remember, he forever yearns for what is best for you.

Just start. You don't have to go from zero to one hundred right out of the driveway. Go slow in the pursuit of allowing yourself the permission to start. Drive with faith, sister. But in the end, get in the dang car and make moves!💃🏻✨

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