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I'll be straight up- i'm real uninspired to photograph and post images of current work; it doesn't seem relevant right now, because it's not the current reality. Right now, I feel as if the world needs more connection and authenticity, because frankly, we're all rallying in this thing together. I listened to a fabulous sermon last night (Shiloh Ranch Cowboy Church, they have podcasts and Youtube sermons!) about how this pandemic is essentially an open window to fire new arrows through to grow as a human.

To think that something this monumental and soul shaking (Quarantine) doesn't have the power to grow us as a human being is silly. Quarantine is tough; we tend to succumb to just surviving in the pursuit of getting through out.

BUT- lets try to shift our minds to one that's spiritually expectant of the glory that can be had in this time; if you're expectant, you're susceptible to seeing the positive things that are unfolding, too; new found passions, dreams, desires, convictions.

Lets fire those new dreams and convictions through this open window, to concrete them within ourselves, because it won't be open long; when this is all said and done, and this window of time closes, we've had either used this time to try to grow and work towards a better version of us, or missed this opportunity of soul revelationšŸ–¤

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