• My Yacht is Parked in a Sagebrush Sea

    My Yacht is Parked in a Sagebrush Sea
    here i am
    almost twenty three
    they all wondered
    how can this be,
    she had a good thing going
    a mundane life guarantee
    I became what I thought
    everyone wanted me to be
    went to school
    got my degree
    waited hand and foot
    on some big wig
    in a city doused in cheap marquee
    But shit, that aint me
    I had to flee
    poor them to think that convertibles
    at sunset coupled with
    their husbands credit cards
    equates to being carefree;
    Try big circle,
    open range sagebrush sea
    atop a war pony with a soul of a
    wild banshee;
    I don't got much,
    My house is a canvas teepee
    Count the hand-me-down rig i got for free,
    N' a beat to shit office seat
    Shit, at least it's a wade tree
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