Lost Soul Prayer

I don't really know if it's
Supposed to be this way;
One day we're a poetic
Kinda Hemingway,
The next,
Wheels rollin'
Headed down the heartbreak highway
I see first dates
Morph to forever's
Under the lure of
Drunk kisses
Aided by Bombay
I see Saturday night patriots,
Ninety proof with a memory disarray,
Turn to slow moments, soak it all in
"This what I love about Sundays.".
N' then there's you,
A lost soul prayer runaway
Taking every good thing
That is thrown your way
Believing that even the good things'll
Given your touch'll
End in Doomsday if you don't just
Cut the ties,
Beat it to the punch
N' head for the driveway."

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