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oregon desert
As an Oregon girl all of my life, I've always found immense inspiration in my roots; I grew up among logging roads, legacy ranches and the sound of old diesel pick-ups warming up in the morning; all of which jet the marrow to my bones. In each piece that I create, I find myself reflecting back on my hometown and drawing tidbits from that same nostalgia...sweet, simple and rugged.
for the practical gal
...who's a slight girly girl!
So, I'm a total tomboy; raised alongside all boys...but, sis here likes the girly things in life, too! Each pair of earrings embody the essence of rustic elegance, an ode to my fellow tomboy gals!
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I've made it my mission

to work with worn tack and/or second-run hides that come with range marks, brands and scars as much as I can... basically, all of the things that have already told a story... now it's up to us to keep on adding to it! Maysen Battles, maker/owner